How It All Began

This is my third attempt on making a blog in my life. That’s not a lot, and probably not enough that I should mention it, but it is what it is.

The first one, was when I was still in senior high school, and to be honest it is a complete disgrace and I cannot believe what went through my mind when I wrote it. Unfortunately, the blog’s still up, but I can’t figure out the email that was connected to that account. The reason why I need to find it is because, yep you guessed it, I forgot the password. And so, it lies there in the deep web trying to be discovered by you, who actually bothered to go the about page. Talk to me when you’ve found it.

The second one involved a music assignment when I was doing my IB in Shanghai, back in 2009. Within those two years I basically spent my days learning Chinese, went to places like Nanjing and Hangzhou and eventually Beijing, and drank numerous amount of tea. It was free in restaurants. Now I dig them. I’ll write about this later. Anyway, the blog isn’t actually one that I’ve put my thoughts or writing in it, it’s basically a place to put a musical analysis that’s due for the assessment required in that class. Lo and behold, this blog disappeared — or at least I can’t find any trace of it — probably because the website went down. It looked like a good website called “” or something like that. I hated’s layout at that time, and I’ve already own my WordPress (from the first blog) so this so-called “blog” was started. It’s only one page and it’s about the similarities between Gamelan music and Cantonese Opera. I can show you the full draft if you’d like to discuss about that in more detail.

And so here we are, at the foot of the door into the future, a new leaf, an adventure waiting to be started. This time, I’m planning to write not just my thoughts, fiction, and probably the occasional rambling, but also some tips, hints, and basically what I’ve been talking about in my car with my family for years. That, I can tell you, is very interesting to some. This will be a lot like “that note thing on Facebook”, but because Facebook isn’t a good spot to write (e.g. your post would be drowned due to the AI that sorts the timeline for you) and LinkedIn is just waaaay to business-y to express my actual thoughts, I’m just going to do it here.

Important note here, I will be creating some post that are strictly in Bahasa Indonesia (or Indonesian language, not just ‘Bahasa’, because that just means ‘Language’), simply to practice my writing and also make things more accessible to people back in my home country. If you want to see the translation, Google will provide a pretty good rough translation when you go to the page using Chrome and I’ll also provide some summary in English for each post. Stay tuned, folks.

To avoid losing any steam while writing, I am now planning to write things every morning as much as I could. Another way to keep me going is I’m going to implement my strategy in Instagram, which is the concept of #latepost. This way I can make a queue of things that I need to write, write it, wait for it until it is ripe (e.g. not posting it instantaneously), and upload! Seems easy, but again this might fail and the dust will return waiting to be collected by my blog. Let’s just hope that doesn’t happen.

Lastly, if you’ve spent your time reading this, thank you so much dear reader, and I will tell you what this blog will contain (mind you, it may not appear soon because some posts need an additional material to be added)

  • Programming adventures
  • Physics and the repercussions of being an expert in it
  • How-tos for life
  • Dreamscapes (basically fiction based on my dreams, they’re quite vivid apparently)
  • Occasional ramblings
  • Some discussions on music
  • Masterpieces

Okay maybe that last one is a stretch, but you never know. Happy reading people! Please fight in the comments using sophisticated language, as that’ll be an actually interesting thing to do, you sly slightly-unoccupied-troll-at-work you.