7 Conveniently Placed Mosques You Need to Visit in Singapore

Orchard shopping spree. Bugis culinary adventure. The obligatory selfie at Universal Studios and Merlion.

All these things are all great fun, but if you’re a Muslim, you will eventually need to do the five mandatory prayers.

Thankfully, Singapore is a Muslim-friendly country with abundant mosques, rich history and communal gatherings happening everyday. It’s quite easy to find the mosques, with the technology now in your hands at least.

However, from my observation, most people who are visiting (e.g. tourists, exchange students) or are new to Singapore struggle to find these mosques. Of course, I went through this at first. I was reluctant to travel anywhere far from the mosques that I knew.

Then I realized that I only knew a few of them. So, out of curiosity, I checked on Google Maps to find the mosques while I was traveling.

And Voila! Now I am able to go anywhere — well, mostly malls, museums, and other touristy spots — and pray at a mosque. You’ll realize that most of the go-to places in Singapore are not far from downtown, city centers, and malls. If you go out often, you’d visit these mosques frequently.

To save you time and part of the hassle finding them, here’s a neat guide on 7 conveniently placed mosques you need to visit in Singapore!

1. Masjid Sultan

Masjid Sultan has a long history, going way back to 1824. The large prayer hall can accommodate up to 5000 Jamaah. It’s a bit hidden because of the tall hotels and buildings surrounding the mosque, but when you get there, you can’t miss it. It’s a must-visit, and probably the best way to start your trip.

Address: 3 Muscat Street, Singapore 198833

How to Get There

You can take the bus and stop at Bef Sultan Mosque (or any other bus stop). Alternatively, you can drop off at Bugis MRT,  go to exit A, head to northeast and follow the Victoria street for 2 blocks.

What’s Nearby

Sultan mosque is very close to a lot of hotels, so most likely you can walk to the mosque. It’s close to Bugis Junction [check maps]. If you’re visiting Bras Basah or Clarke Quay, it’s a few minutes bus ride from there. Muslim restaurants — one of them is Zam Zam, try the Briyani and Murtabak here if you have time — are located across the street. There are other restaurants as well, most of them Halal. You can also see Haji lane to view the murals just a few minutes away.

2. Masjid Al-Falah

Al-Falah is one of those mosques that you won’t realize until you’re literally in front of it. It’s a hidden gem for those Orchard road shoppers who need a break from all the hustle and bustle. The inconspicuous facade is contrasted by beautiful and large prayer hall, I think almost as tall as the prayer hall in Sultan mosque.

Address: 15 Cairnhill Road, #01-01, 229650

How to Get There

Drop off at Orchard MRT or the Lucky Plaza bust stop. The Somerset MRT is another alternative, but you’re gonna walk for a while to get there. When you’re near, you can use a bridge from inside Paragon to go into the mosque, it’s located in level 3, near Marks & Spencer. Just in case it rains.

What’s Nearby

Located just a block from Orchard road, malls and restaurants are abundant, e.g. Lucky Plaza, Paragon, Tang, Shaw Tower, Orchard ION, etc. Very convenient if you happen to have a lunch meeting or waiting for your relatives while they’re shopping. Try searching for ‘halal restaurants’, there’s plenty around. Pho, Thai, Singaporean food, you name it. Most fast-food is also halal, so don’t worry.

3. Masjid Moulana Mohd Ali MC

If Al-Falah mosque is already inconspicuous enough for you, this mosque beats it by miles. There are two entrances. That’s it. This mosque is hidden beneath the UOB building, so you need to have eagle eyes to spot this. Luckily, these photos below should guide you there (also check out street view). Inside you’ll find a large prayer hall catering to the Jamaah working in the bustling downtown skyscrapers.

Address: 80 Raffles Place, #b1-01, 048624

How to Get There

To get there, go to the UOB Plaza, or boat quay. Nearest MRT is Raffles Place and nearest bus stop is Opp OCBC Ctr. If you see a McDonalds sign, look for the glass entrances. It’s next to the small garden surrounding the west side of the UOB Plaza.

What’s Nearby

There are other mosques that are worthy mentioning, but I brought this one up because of its super stra09888tegic location. It’s near Boat Quay, Merlion, Fullerton, Esplanade, etc. There are a few restaurants and cafes near Merlion and the financial district, you just have to check whether it’s Halal or not. The best way is to just ask. If you don’t want to though, you can look it up online or find the Halal logo on their menu. It looks like this.

4. Masjid Temenggong Daeng Ibrahim

Unlike the last two, this mosque has a traditional architecture. This is due to its long history, which can be whole other blog post if I write about it. Located right at the junction in Vivocity, you might not notice it until you get there. Primarily because the tall pillars holding up the MRT track blocks most of your view. You’ll be pleasantly surprised as it is quite large and airy.

Address: 30 Telok Blangah Rd, 098827

How to Get There

To get there, drop off at Harbourfront MRT or the Vivocity bus stop. From there, exit the mall and head to the junction next to Vivocity, and it’s just across the road.

What’s Nearby

Basically if you’re anywhere near Vivocity or heading to Sentosa Island, this mosque is just a few minutes walk away. There’s a food court in the basement that serves A LOT of Halal food. Half of the food court stalls is certified Halal. Alternatively, there’s a fancier food court at the top level, but none of the stalls are Halal certified and they are a bit more expensive.

5. Masjid Darussalam

A lot of events and seminars happen at universities, so I included this mosque in the list. It’s quite a large mosque, with its two story prayer hall (women are upstairs, both stories will be used for Friday prayers) and even a classroom/media room. You won’t miss this mosque because of its unique architecture and sheer size. Two entrances are available in this mosque, one facing the road and the other facing the apartment complex.

Address: 3002 Commonwealth Avenue W, Singapore 129579

How to Get There

The easiest way is to drop off at Clementi MRT or Dover MRT and take the bus to Blk 365 or Blk 410. If you’re from NUS, you can take the internal shuttle bus (do check the routes, it changes every now and then) and go to a bus stop that is included in the 96 bus route. Take the bus, and drop off at Blk 410.

In the Vicinity

Just north from this mosque the HDB (Housing Development Board) apartment complex, where you can find a number of halal restaurants (they’re all good, I recommend you try all of them). There is also another mosque, named Masjid Tentera Diraja. It’s even closer to NUS, but it’s not very accessible compared to Masjid Darussalam, e.g. you have to walk quite a bit.

6. Masjid Al-Ansar

I stumbled upon this mosque while I was shopping in Decathlon with a friend of mine. We were surprised that a mosque as majestic as Al-Ansar can be hidden so well within Singapore! It has long history like the other old mosques I’ve mentioned, and had been recently renovated. There’s not a lot of things that are close to this mosque, but considering there’s a lot of people booking hotels or AirBnB in Geylang, Bedok etc. (because they’re cheaper) I totally recommend you visit this mosque!

Address: 155 Bedok North Ave 1, Singapore 469751

How to Get There

The nearest MRT is Bedok, or you can use the bus and drop off right in front of Decathlon. In between Bedok and Decathlon, turn Bedok North Ave 1, and the mosque is just up north (e.g. turn left from Decathlon or turn right from Bedok MRT)

What’s Nearby

Decathlon, Bedok Mall, are really the only places that are walking distance away. There’s a reservoir nearby, where usually they’re good places to have a picnic. Also it’s very close to the airport, making trips to the Singapore Expo and Changi a snap.

7. Masjid Maarof

Last but not least, Masjid Maarof is located far from the city center, at Jurong West. To be honest, the mosque is not really to most accessible mosque; you need a bus ride and a few minutes walk to get there from the nearest MRT. However, this is an oasis when you’re traveling to Jurong West (I’ll tell you in a bit why that is). This is another mosque with a modern architecture, renovated similar to Al-Ansar.

Address: 20 Jurong West Street, 26 Singapore 648125

How to Get There

There are a few buses that you can take from the Boon Lay MRT, take either 157, 172, or 199 and drop off after three stops. You should pass by the mosque, but to get there you need to go around the apartment complexes. Use maps on your phone to guide you. If you are from NTU, there are internal shuttle buses that will take you to Pioneer MRT and a regular bus that will take you to Boon Lay MRT.

What’s Nearby

Jurong Bird Park, Jurong Point and NTU are some of the places that are nearby. I know these won’t be the most “touristy” spots in Singapore, but if you happen to do a conference in NTU, it’s not impossible to do a Friday Prayer. Also, Jurong Point (the shopping mall) is almost always very, very crowded. Lots of places to eat though, halal spots are usually fast food chains; there’s an Indonesian restaurant too if you’d want to have a go (halal too).

And there you go! I really hope this has helped you navigating through Singapore. This way, you’ll be able to hangout with friends, go to that museum you’ve always wanted to go to, eat near the beaches of Sentosa, without worrying where to pray Asr.

If you’re staying somewhere else, fear not, you can always look it up in your phone. To avoid even more hassle, book a taxi service or use Uber/Grab.

Do you think there are even more conveniently placed mosques that I need to mention?

PS: For those of you who aren’t Muslim, you’ve read this article until the very end! If you’re interested, come visit these mosques and others located around the city center to find out more about Islam. Some mosques give out tours, but you should be prepared to wear appropriate attire and check the schedule of the tours.

References for images:

All images are under CC BY 2.0


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